I got my R&P from WPC. Should be getting the diff back this week hopefully. Yeah that’s it for today.



Snap on

I took some money and bought myself some new tools. I picked up Snap on’s new dual 80 tech 3/8’s and 1/2 drive set up. I must say after using them over the weekend that they are the deal, and if given the opportunity to buy them you should. Not only because they are snap on but because they feel so smooth, and the 4.5 degree ratcheting engagement is kick ass.



Last year on valentines day was the last time I ever drove the 7 on the street before non-op’ing it. It ran great and it was a blast.

This year it’s up on jack stands waiting to get put back together, not a blast.


I did how ever buy some more new tires for when it does run.



Saturday I went to the drag races with my dad. It really isn’t my thing, but I will say it was a lot of fun.

Apparently when I was sober and walking around I got this sticker, and when I got home i put it on my car. I just saw it today on my lunch break and had a (o.0) look on my face. At least it’s a cool sticker lol


Cool it down

The 7 likes to rub on just about everything it possibly can. On the passenger side front it was rubbing on the stock coolant over flow. It was either raise the car up, or move the bottle.

So the bottle now sits next to oil catch can. Looking at the car tonight it is actually a nice change to have the motor side of it together, and not all ripped apart like it usually is. Still sucks the cars down for at least another 4 weeks.





New Stuff

The other day I spent some money on the 7 to get that going again. Waiting on the diff is starting to get annoying and I’m looking forward to things being together again.

Anyways; I picked up this Mazdaspeed 4.3 ring and pinion from a friend of mine to hopefully get that wheel speed up. I also drank beer from the bootleggers brewery in fullerton, and bought a poster for my garage. Money well spent i must say.