So I pulled the diff out yesterday and it ended up that all the welds I had on it broke. Now I’m looking into a better way to build this rear end since I don’t care for the feel of the standard clutch type diffs it looked like my only option is to get a custom made spool. Should be a fun one, we will see how it goes.

No pics, so just enjoy this one.



Love not yet lost

I took the 7 out Saturday to the Just Drift toy drive. Everything was going great, car felt amazing for not driving it in 6 months. So 5 run’s into my day, the rear end goes out. It seems to be a trend when Tary and me go to the track. Hopefully soon Ill have her back up running soon, stay tuned for updates on what happen.

P.S and to make matters worse, I broke my rear bumper again >.<



Oh ya?

Got this the other night in a cookie, thought It was fitting.


One day

I find it is always the packing/getting ready to drive “time” is the hardest. First my sub-harness got a little to close to my turbo, my truck didn’t run, and then come to find out my front camber/lower control arm was all beat up and f*cked. But thankfully I got everything worked out, and will be heading out tomorrow morning. Here are some pics of the adventure.








Been trying to get everything 100% dialed so I can take my car out. Here is the latest.



JR vs SR vs Jesse

I just watched the first two hours of this biker build off, and I gotta say I still love Jesse James. People hate because of what he did/does but you have to admit he can fab some bad ass shit. Given the opportunity I’d drop everything to go learn from him.

PS I have this jacket from when I was 14 or so. My aunt used to sell “west coast choppers” stuff and met him a few times and got him to sign this for me. (kinda cool and gahy at the same time but dgaf)