1) pick up car
2) do burn out
3) laugh and drink beer
4) profit

That’s it for tonight, car feels real real good.


No idea what to do

No idea what to do since the 7 is done, so I’m gonna spend the free time enjoying some finest.



I got the phone call today that my car was officially off the dyno and ready to be taken out and beat on. Besides that it’s kinda empty in the garage, don’t have anything else going on right now, but I was thinking of starting to mod my fit since the 7 is done.

Take your car to Garage Boso to get it tuned, You won’t be sorry.



95% done

So! I spent all of last Saturday finishing up the 7, and got it about 95% done (only missing the new FPR to actually say its finished). This has been a long process, and it feels good to be this close to have it running again, but I’m not getting too excited cause that can all change with the drop of a hat. Anyways check out the pictures, they will tell the story of what exactly I’ve been doing the last few weeks.




Rush hour

I only got to work on the car tonight for about an hour. I really didn’t have much to do after that since I’m still waiting on a few parts and fittings to come in. But i did install my new CJ fuel rails, and injector dynamic top feeds. Hopefully more stuff comes in tomorrow so I can actually get this thing done soon.


Giving back

Today I did the OC buddy walk, it was for a charity supporting down syndrome and I’m all about giving back. That whole deal would have been cool, minus the fact that it was raining cats and dogs, but i pushed though it. After that I played some Mario party 8 at a friends house, ate pizza and finished off 30 pack of bud light (not the “Colorado’s finest” but it will do). Today was a good day, don’t have much to say but ya, stay updated for better stuff to come actually involving the 7.




P.S. that’s my race queen. She is the best.

Blowing cash

It’s always fun to spend money, especially when you are re-buying stuff you already bought. Now this Sard FPR has been giving me trouble since I first bought it. It’s like the threads are just a hair smaller then 1/8 npt, so when you tap them out to standard 1/8, it’s got almost no threads. So after destroying 1 -6 1/8 adapter later, I decided it was time for the FPR to be filed away in the trash for life. After that mess I just decided to work on the rear end a little and get a few things done. Now it’s bed time.