Fake lies

Today I found my magazine at the circle K. Bough a few copies, read it, not really pumped. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be in a magazine, but I feel like whoever wrote the article just wrote whatever they wanted. Oh well, what’s done is done.

Anyways, typical Monday. Busy at work, talked to a few people, had another day pushing papers. Came home worked on the car for little. Pretty good day right?

Go out and buy the new super street cause I’m in it, read my article, tell me what you think.


P.S. found this picture on a homies blog, totally forgot the URL (sorry bro) but I’ll post it up when I find it.



Sunday Sunday

Today was a nice day. I got to go surfing and had a ton of fun. Then I ran around for 4 hours getting stuff together to actually finish the car. Drove a total of 120 miles today, that was fun. I aslo worked on the car, got some stuff done, but not enough to justify pictures. Now im eating pizza, and drinking beer, gonna shower and take a 7 hour nap.


P.S. I just found this picture of Mad Mike I took when he was at irwindale for FD.

creacher of habit

Still no updates on the car. But I do have this fire/pain/mad feeling growing inside of me. Its like I get mad at anything now; I just snap. I told myself around lunch time today that I would stop doing anything that didn’t involve working on the car.

Its now a few hours later, still feeling that mid-day frustriation with myself. So Im listening to music and looking though old pirtures (hence the pictures of my old cars, going in order btw). I have come to realize that all of the time and money spend in the past would mean nothing if I just quit now.

WHoop WhOOOp!

I remember when this video first hit YouTube. I was laughing back then, and im still laughing just as hard today. Its the little things in life that make me go WHOOP WHOOP lol.

she waits

Since I had to take the walk of shame and walk past Tary on my way out of the house i figured id take a picture of the current state she is in. Its sad this is how my car looks 10/12 months of the year.


Another day

Was another day at work. People calling, papers getting moved around, boxes getting packed nothing too special. I have not had a chance to work on my car at all since last week, kinda bums me out. I have been thinking about finishing it though and selling it to build another street car, but who knows. I’ll prolly just end up keeping the 7 because I fall in love with her every time I take her out. Just sucks because I don’t get to drive as much as much as I want, but whatever. On the flip side, imagine what my street car would look like…


Been a long day

After a long day at work you need to treat yourself to some adult soda. So I’m sitting at the bar enjoying some of Colorado’s finest. Hope everyone is having a good Thursday.


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